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Dynamically change the content of a text element

I will tell you how to change the text dynamically using the example created in the previous post, in this tutorial i will be changing the text of the title to the input the user has entered.


You will need to create a textbox to allow the user to input text.

html <input type="text" id="input">

This will create an input like below


In the main void you will need the following

void main()

This passing the contents of input (the inputbox) to the void update which we will now create

void update (Event e)
	querySelector('#title').text = (e.target as InputElement).value;


Now you can compile by pressing CTRL-R You will meet the Hello world title and now a inputbox.

Now when you enter text into the text box you will see that the text will change.

Since Dart allows you to dynamically alter content on a webpage this can be useful if you want to be able to dynamically change the contents of a text element.