/ monogatari second season

Monogatari episode 20

Overall thoughts

wow senjougahara is something, really wish she and hanakawa had more episodes.
We got to see a new side to senjougahara, no longer can we see her as the spoiled rich girl which is way too awesome,

but well we already found this out in the first episode that she has completely changed, i think i might have to rewatch all the seasons again. Or i could wait until the movie is out since that it the first arc in the story where as now we have the rest of the arcs. Really hoping that this isn't the last arc.

Shaft really have done an amazing with this anime, never has a complicated boring long slow anime been so amazing and entertaining but then again anyone can say that with exception of the light hearted people who give up on an anime due to a bit of fan-service, and i could debate on that topic for hours, but you should never give up on an show just because it has fan-service.

Ever since sengoku become a god she has completely different way too excited and happy and well cute.

Really interesting to see what will happen. Okay so he has just opened the cupboard which her parents refused to open earlier, and well obviously it was something shocking but as of right now with the wifi being down and won't be able to fix it until 6pm, its 4:40pm i cannot watch the next episode so this is kind of killing me now.

On another note i can't wait until the full blu ray release is out since Shaft are really good when fixing animation errors in the TV release and not adding the usual extra fan service scenes that the tv companies refused to air.

Well since i really didn't talk about the episode at all i would give the episode a 8/10 since we got to see a whole new side to senjougahara which she would normally hide.

Peace Peace!