/ Winter 2014

Recently My Sister is Unusual - First Episode Reaction

Okay before i start this is NSFW so if your underage please do not read on...

Okay I starting this anime really not knowing anything about it, i don't remember it being on the lineup, but being the first anime in this season i have watched i went ahead watched it on Crunchyroll at 1080p which i normally don't do since it looks like 720p upscaled. Before i watched it i looked on MAL to see what the genre was so i knew what i was in for. What MAL said was that it was a comedy, romance so thinking that the anime was safe i carried on and watched it.

The first half was really introducing the characters where we have Yuuya who is our whos step-sister Mitsuki.

At first Mitsuki appears to be shy and not really wanting to communicate but then we move onto school where we meet yuuya's friend who is jealous at the fact yuuya has a non-blood related sister. At this point the only thing that came to my mind was kissxsis.

Then we got the opening, at first i was quite happy it was a good opening, until the fact we see things that i thought wouldnt be shown for a romantic comedy. After this things went more and more down hill, this really wasn't how MAL made it seem, everything went NSFW very quicking and even though it was all completely censored, maybe the age warning Crunchyroll gave me was for this reason.

So my overall thoughts on this anime is that obviously its not something i am going to continue and maybe i should read into the animes before choosing which one to watch first.

Rating 4/10

If by any mean this is an anime that you wish to watch it is streaming on Crunchyroll.