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Buddy Complex Ep 1 Impressions

So before watching this anime all i knew was it was being animated by sunrise, which animated valvrave. So i wasnt too suprised at the fact that there was mechs. But i kind of have to say i am confused, i don't really know what to expect next.
The anime is based in 2014 and a girl from the future came to this time to meet the mc, but in some freak accident another guy came to the same time who finds out that the mc is in this time and nearby. Wanting to kill the mc he attempts to kill him and after a huge road chase with the mc on a bike being chased by a huge mech it turns out that the girl who he was sat next to was also from the future and she had a mech so a battle took place and somehow the portal into the future was still open. So entering the portal both people who came from the future died during the moving though the portal. When he reaches the other end he turns up in another mech called after the girl and everything just seems confusing hense why this probably makes no sense.

I think i will give this anime another 2 episodes until i will really give it a good to go or a rating.