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New (g)host

I have swapped my blog host over to http://ghoster.io/ . It was really easily to swap over and so far way better than the offical Ghost blog hosting, with the new host i am using the original ghost instead of a modified version for hosting.
Setting up was really simple and they helped step by step to get it working with my domain :D.

New Domain name

*Previously remon.co.uk

Since i found that my domain name was canceled for an unknown reason i will not be able to renew it after its ending date, and i was told that if i was to want to use it again i would have to buy it from a uk company. I was not really wanting to pay 6 years worth owning just to get the domain back so i've now switched to a different company called namecheap. So i will now be using this domain for the next 3 years!

Also just to get it out there...
Namecheap > GoDaddy

New animes

The new season has started and i am looking at doing a review for each one i watch, i will be limiting this to what Crunchyroll is streaming.

Other Stuff

Uni is starting next week which i'm half looking forward to and not looking forward to. But it will be great to meeting everyone again and hopefully everything will be fun.

I also had a idea which i feel might be a huge project but not sure it will be something i will attempt to try. So with becoming an Admin on a gaming communities forum i've been really interesting into finding other online forum communities and well i look into some local anime communities and couldnt find anything. There is a few but they all look dated and not very active well there active but its not attractive. And i thought i should start a community where people can talk about anything related to anime and try and keep it to Scotland. But the only issue behind this is that i need money to host the forum and to keep it going and even though its cheap its alot for me to spend. So i'm unsure if i should see if anyone else is interesting in building this community and see if it will take its roots. It was a quick idea.

New Stuff

I am going to start making blog posts about person stuff aswell as computing stuff and anime, i feel that i need to make more use of the fact i have a blog now, and since theres really no point in me creating multiple blogs to separate.