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I rented a Starbound server?

So i was playing Starbound with someone from the gaming community i'm part of and i was running the game server using my server, but we came across the fact that the server software isn't stable enough yet and is really prone to crashing alot.

So with someone else joining us i gave up on the idea of having the game server running on my server 24/7 so i have rented a server from multiplay! From ordering it we gained instant access to the server and straight away went into the game and had fun.


Max users: 12

I will also be hosting a teamspeak server for those who want to use it whilst playing which you can access by connecting to...


There is no rules on the server and you are free to use to at any means but please keep in mind that other people do use it aswell.

Also since at the momment there are no means of knowing who is online if you want to know just check the gametracker above or send a global message and i'm sure anyone who is online will be happy to join you and have fun!.

Also since i still own remon.co.uk i will be using this domain as a connection to my server, and if you access it in your web browser you will come across the forums that i am hosting. This is to help keep everyone who is using the server to communicate and stay together.