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Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Episode 1 Impression

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

COMFIRMED second anime to start from a dream...

So what can i say about Mikakunin de Shinkoukei?
In short it is about a girl called Kobeni Yonomori who has just turned 16.

She has just woken up to come downstairs to be attacked by her older sister Benio who attends the same school as her and is the most popular person in school. Benio is extremely childish and loves her sister way too much but at school she becomes a different person and doesn't act childish.

In short the relation between the two is very close and even though Kobeni hates the way that Benio acts she has learned to accept it.

The plot of the story is following the motto of the family

Grandfathers word is law

Not actual qoute from anime just the same meaning

So on her 16th birthday when girls can get married she learns that she has an arranged marriage with a boy from the mountains called Hakuya. Hakuya is basically the best way to explain his character... a emo. He is very quiet and relies on his little sister to really do anything.

So trying to cope with being told of this Konbeni tries to ignore the fact that it is even happening but still acts as the main householder (She is the only one who cooks in the house) she realises that the food that she has stored is not enough for the two extra people that are now staying over. So she leaves the house thinking over what happens and she trips over and Hakuya stops her from falling. From here on we find out that Kobeni had an accident early on in her life which resulted with losing memories and these memories are when she was pals with Hakuya. So even though Hakuya knew things about Kobeni she didn't know anything about him.

The little sister Mashiro is a git basically like most little kids, but she acts very proud and high about her family which would really annoy most people now a days but it gives us a sense of how arranged marriages happen. (Living in the UK and never having known arranged marriage was a thing that happened until there was a documentary on TV)


I really feel that this anime might actually have potential, i really enjoyed watching the first episode and i will be continuing this. Though one thing i'm not to sure is the voice actor for Hakuya but i guess its to fit his character which we don't normally see alot in anime.


Also this opening/ending is amazing, its unique and really joyfull! especially the first part where we get what feels like photographs and just the excitement they are showing really makes you happy.

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Friends of Benio

Benio and the Loli git Mashiro

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