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Nobunagun Episode 1 Impression


I went into watching this anime thinking what the hell could this be?.

So after the first half kind of we find out oh its about a girl who dreams about old men well historical battles as we see she has a hobby in making models and has good knowledge in historical events and weapons.

But along with this we find out that she is also clumsy and doesn't really pay attention in school as we find that she is always alone. The main plot of this episode was really just introducing us to her and showing how she stands in the crowd of school life where they go to a trip to taiwan. What i found really was a shame was they placed the opening of the anime at the worst place possible, it gave away the fact that there are people with weapons and such. Really felt they should have kept it until the end like most animes in there first episode. But we were introduced to one of these human weapons who gained the soul of jack the ripper and of course he looked insane attacking this huge creature that we have yet to be told about. But since everything was in ruin she ran to save her "possible soon to be friend" as she was stuck in "the old man". This is when jack the ripper gets hurt to the point that he cannot keep his form as jack. At this point the main character had a deja vu moment and recognised the globe that was with jack. And suddenly she becomes insane with power and shooting everything.

But yet do we know if she actually managed to save her friend or not.

I'm really quite confused about what is going on in this anime and i feel that this is another one of those animes that you have to watch 3 episodes to really get a good idea what to expect and if its going to good or not. So in conclusion i will not be giving this anime a vote since i do not feel that i can at this point.