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Nisekoi First Episode Impression


I have read the manga before and its animated by Shaft so prepare for some image spamming

Pre Episode Thoughts

Its been a long time since i read the manga, to the point i only really knew i read it when i show the PV. When i noticed that it was animated for Shaft i was generally excited about it. As some may know i'm a fan of Shaft's work, they really have never disappointed me and i really love how they animated there shows, i won't go into detail this i should really be talking about the show. But since i have read this before i will try not spoil it in anyway.


Raku Ichijou (一条 楽)

Voice Actor: Kouki Uchiyama

Kosaki Onodera (小野寺 小咲)

Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa

Shares the same voice actor as Nadeko Sengoku from the Monogatari series. Took me seconds to recognise that voice.

Chitoge Kirisaki (桐崎 千棘)

Voice Actor: Nao Touyama


Akiyuki Shinbou

Director and Series Composition
The Director responsible for most the of amazing Shaft animations.

Naoyuki Tatsuwa



Theme song (possible ending)

> Not the actual song from the anime!

Summary (As spoiler free as it can get)

Raku is a somewhat average kid at highschool but actually he is the heir to the head of the Yakuza Family which are called Shuei-Gumi. Ten years ago Raku made a promise to a girl that they will get married when they meet again, not remembering who this girl is, she gives him a pendant which to this date he has treasured to bits. Then one day when a rival band started messing in there turf Raku went to school as usual, but today was different a new girl transferred to his school. The half American and half Japanese Chitoge arrived causing fights and mischief.

Everything beyond this is considered spoilers so please watch the show as i really do recommend that you watch it

Before i go into anything...

First head tilt

First body spin

Just so you know the images are also acting as a barrier to protect those from spoilers kinda

So what did i think?

WHOA Shaft have done it again, really couldn't see the story being told any differently. For those who are obsessed about the Monogatari series as i am you would be screaming in joy seeing the similarity in how they are portraying the emotion and atmosphere in the scene. But back to the anime, the animation is amazing.

And well knowing that its Shaft animated this we just know the Blu-ray fixed version version will be even more beautiful than what we are seeing. From the first moment in the show i was being reminded of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and even the soundtrack though somewhat similar to monogatari it is different but never the less perfectly expresses the right emotions to fit that scene.
The first episode followed the first chapter of the manga perfectly.

Looking at this now is quite scary how much they are almost the same

Following the episode we start of by getting to know Raku as being the chief of his mob family, seriously really loved how every bit of that was slapsticked whereas you could have normally just shown him cooking.

But they really did well showing the relationship between Kosaki and Raku since we are already being foreshadowed well more than foreshadowed, come on she has the key?! But seriously that voice acting was really good even though i was really expecting ...

You'll want to go in at 1:30

But you really have to respect how good they have managed to keep her, and with that voice its the perfect fit you really get the sense of that she has very strong feelings towards Raku, though Raku doesn't get it his classmate does.

Since its the first episode we get more introduced to Chitoge who is the blond monkey of the anime and still you really can't complain about her, there's very little that i can actually say was wrong with how Shaft has done it, i'm really glad it is Shaft thats animated this series, even if its the first episode i am loving this!.

The brute female of the show who is now having to have a fake relationship with the "weak" "childish" "bitching" male is going to defiantly be exciting even if i have read it before i am really excited about watching the story in the way Shaft perfectly imagines it.

Okay since right now i seem to be way too focused on the fact that Shaft is animating this show i am way too happy right now to really be writing this, i really enjoyed this show and i really cannot wait until next week to be able to see the second one. I hugely recommend this show to anyone since i just know Shaft will not mess this up, i know thats a big statement coming from episode 1 but i just feel that even if it drops it won't fail to entertain, they know how to make anything entertaining and good.

So since this is the biggest review i have written to date obviously this isn't a low ranking score, but i really need to put this into a more technical rating since i really want to be honest, which isn't easy.

I will be giving this anime being the first episode...

The main reason behind the high score is not only is it animated by Shaft its the first anime i've watched in this series thats had me cheering and fangirling so much. So obviously i will be watching this though to the end.

Image Tiam

Collection of images that i really love

The family

Oh no i'm late for school

Its safe to say that i never got the chance to see

What have they done to sengoku ?!

I might smell of gun powder but don't be afraid to befriend me

We Americans are proud of our overachieving

End of very long impression