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[Yuri] Sakura Trick First Episode Impressions

Sakura Trick

Please keep in mind that this is a Yuri anime so in most cases this will count as NSFW.

As some pre episode thoughts i know very well that this is a yuri anime but i've been hearing good things about it so as with most new animes i will be giving it a try.

Okay the first thing i can say about this is wow that was good, as in it was really enjoyable. And that animation quality is way too good, please don't drop.

our main character Haruka who is starting a new year in school.

Our best friend Yuu who is in the same class as usual

So in short the story is around the two friends as they enter a new school together and make friends. But obviously the story will be based around the development of the feeling that haruka and Yuu have together. The anime in short had alot of funny and generally cute.

But you will have to keep in mind that this is a yuri anime and that you shouldn't expect there not to be some of what your thinking about. I would recommend this anime to those who arn't sensitive to content that you are not comfortable. I will be continuing this anime.


Image Tiam!

That level of animation though...

Haruka wants a kissu

Yuri gave me superpowers

I have no idea why i am dancing here but i really want some milk

My phone is being controlled by a demon!