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Sekai Seifuku - Bouryaku no Zvezda First Episode Impression

Sekai Seifuku - Bouryaku no Zvezda

World Conquest Zvezda Plot

Pre-Episode Thoughts

Well this is going to be moe as hell. My thoughts is that this will be another moe battle anime where famous people are replaced with moe girls. Which isn't a bad thing at all

Moe Steve Jobs
This is a cover of a manga about steve jobs. Read over here

Now for the actual anime!!!

Okay i don't think i can consider that be to moe... But what i can say for sure is what the hell is going on?

From what i've gathered is that before the world went into chaos it was conquered by an idol as we would see it. But now the world is how it is now full of politics and weapons and such.

So this is our run-a-way main character who comes across a little girl that he thought was lost, and even after a while he was still convinced that she was just a small girl who was playing basically.
Until he managed to get seen with her, with us just realising oh she must be a baddy or someone just really wants to find her. This is when we meet another character.

Who freakishly enough was able to destroy a tank in half with just a sword. Talk about over killing realism xD

But in short it seems as if this little girl is the key to taking over the world again and bringing it back to that state that it was before.

In short i found this anime a bit wierd and i'm really not to sure about it, so i think this will be one of those animes where i will need to wait and see if it gets good comments and might go for the 3 episode review to see if it explains the plot better or generally gets better.