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Nourin Episode 1 Impressions


So Nourin is based around two people Kousaku and Ringo.


A Idol who declared retirement.


A hardcore fan of Ringo who is currently at a agriculture school.

The plot of this story is with Ringo's retirement it had shocked the world including now broken heard Kousaku, who was a die hard Ringo fan. His classmates try to save him from becoming a drop-out but after saving him they come to shock when they realise that Ringo has actually transferred to the school.

Now keep in mind that in the episode only Kousaku believes well it looks like that, that Ringo is actually Yuka which is Ringo's stage name. And already it seems as if she had actually gotten his letters and vegetables and came to this school because of that. Since nothing has been shared we don't know anything. But as of right now Ringo is under disguise.

Since this is a short impression i am quite pleased with the first episode, its showing potential and it was fun to watch. So this will be another anime that i will surely be watching this season.