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Update 15/01/2014

Now being hosted on own vpn

After thinking about it ghoster is great but in the long run i'm going to meet that i am spending alot on money on things online so since i think i will be continuing to use this vpn it would be best to host it on there and since it only holds 20Gbs of storage it means i will have to use imgur for hosting images until they have a way to backup posts and images together. But at the moment i think that this is best best way to host this blog.


As its probably already obvious i have posted alot about new animes well i ended up skipping some cause i didn't really think about how i would create the posts and just rambled on about them so sorry if there was on that you were hoping to hear about.

Future of this blog

It will be how it was before but maybe less active since theres now ep2 for shows and making those reviews really slowed me down with watching them. not that its a bad thing well i guess its that and playing games with the FRG community.

So whats my plan now

I will try my best to slow down on playing games, i need to get back into the uni mindset and start "reading" my stuff. And get back into watching anime seriously since i was really hoping to marathon Ano natsu de matteru before i started uni but that never happened.

Other than that i am hoping that i can become more active here and post content that i was originally wanting to post. And since there is no way that i know that people is actually reading these all i do is hope that what i've written about is good with no mistakes and is actually helping people out.

Personal stuff

Personally i've gone into a mode of what am i doing, this summer i spent alot of time with family which was great but it really revealed how unsocial i am and i really need to change that and knowing myself i have no idea how to, so thats one of my new years thing that i'm coming up with late. I really want to explore and spent less time at home.

Think i will cut this here since its quite the read but hey gotta let some stuff out it is my blog.

Side thing

I love markdown
Some people are telling me that its a waste of time and its just another thing that makes life different. But to me i just really like it, i'm writing my lecture notes up and well theres no need for me to stop just to make text bold i just go * * oh * * and it just works, thats what i love most about markdown. You can do anything and it will just work and using markdown pad pro i can write my notes export them to pdf for others to use or even post it here, since ghost also uses markdown or if i wanted to just post it on a static website i can because its basically already html. Even though that isn't really important to me right now its there and i can do that. But markdown just makes things a bit more simplier and i guess its a language since it does contain syntax to make things bold or an image.