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Kurisu has arrived <3

Since i was stupid i forgot to charge my camera so enjoy these mobile photos

After months of thinking if i should get it or not i thought now is the best time to get her. I've been waiting to get this for so long now and only a few people know how much she mean to me. So After the bit of trouble yesterday where no one was home to get the package i had to go to the post place to collect it. That journey home was really quick i really wanted to just open it there and then.

The Story short

Continuing from before when i came to realisation that i really do want to get her, i went to a site where i have gotten them before and i knew that they had her. But as good things always seem to last, she was sold out. So i kind of panicked, i searched everywhere and couldnt find her. But i did find another uk based shop which didn't look to great but they had her, at the same price as before i just had to take the chance and so the story ended.
One thing i can say about this company is that they must not get much online orders, they used ripped up paper goodie bags to fill the package.

So this was what it came in...

Was really big.

Even just seeing it peek out there was amazing

I finally have her <3

All the parts that came with her which i can choose from. Not going to change the face yet don't want to damage it in anyway

So here she is out of the box <3
Was a pain to get the stand working

Azusa doesn't seem to happy in the background

I changed the arms, Badass Kurisu.
Inori photobombing the background, haha.

So yeah really happy that i now have kurisu.

Note: I will not be doing a figure review