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Saki - Anime Series Marathon


By Marathon i mean i will be watching it in my free time and will be watching other things aswell so i will not be marathoning the whole anime in one set.

For the next week I will be watching Saki. In short Saki is an anime about a girl who hates mahjong but gets forced into playing it.

Series 1: Saki

Episodes: 25

Series 2: Saki - The Nationals

Episodes: N/A - Airing

More information about the anime.

Why am i watching this?

I've heard good things about it and I feel that I should really just watch it for myself.

What should you be expecting?

After watching the series I will write a review on how i feel about the anime and everything about it that i enjoyed.
It will be rated on enjoyment of the series instead of going into detail about it.

I will only be watching what is being aired on Crunchyroll and any materials that will be used will come from Crunchyroll.

If you want to watch it aswell you can watch it here ~ http://www.crunchyroll.com/saki