/ oops


Well again i have done something that i should not have and this time in result i had to reinstall debain on my server, well its more of a vpn but still i had to do a full wipe. But due to some reasons i was only able to backup my ghost blog. All the game servers well i wasn't really up for having to download and upload them again so sometime later i will have to set them up again in the future.

Okay so after installing the latest version of node i forgot that for debian atleast it is picky with the version you are on so after a couple of compiles i managed to come across a version which worked.

I then discovered that there is this guide which i used the first time i installed ghost

I highly recommend reading this when installing.

The rest was simple since i just unzip the ghost files and install forever. and here i am back to normal.

I think from now on i will be using this server/vpn purely for the blog so i will start hosting images here aswell.

I think i will at somepoint look into using a mail server do that i can finally get rid of that one message.

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