/ Update

Theme update

If you have been noticing i've made a far bit of progress on my theme.

I ended up rewriting it from scratch. Instead of just creating to how i wanted it to look like, thats how i originally started off, i looked into using media queries to make it mobile friendly which has really helped.

I still don't know what to do with the header, should i have it how it is or try something different?
Also this time the background picture is the users cover image, only thing thats going wrong is that it doesn't fill the screen of mobile users. This will be fixed soon.

Other than that these are things i will be focusing on

  • Better colour scheme
  • Linkable tags (if possible)
  • Start on pages
  • Work on post pages

Since i used some code from the original casper theme i have slowly remove them and worked on my own. This is so i learn and build something that isn't just copy and paste.

Heres some thoughts about what i should do next

  • Better font
  • User some bootstrap features.
  • navigation bar
  • Alot more

If you have any suggestions of recommendations for the theme i would gladly take them into consideration :D just leave a message.