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Arduino wars

Hosted by DUCS and Physics society

So this was an event which during its time of being prepared it was shaky, and things werent looking too sunny in Dundee. But on the Friday before the event I collected the kit in which we were going to be using in the event. Since we were using arduinos I was expecally comfused since I have never used them before and really had no idea about how I program or wire anything up. But after 8 hours of possibly damaging my hearing with the buzzer I managed to get the hang of how to work with it. So on the day (Sunday), I turned up early, and by the time we started we started by building the robot itself. Being in the group of 3 we kinda maybe did work for the first 2 hours, well its safe to say that my youtube history has alot of new additions

After the lunch break we started to take everything serious and starting hacking away at it, and well lets say karma happened, we kept getting issues, we were unable to even upload code to the ardunio but after alot of attempting and hope we managed. At this stage we basically ran out of time which was good since we managed to get to work the robot to move with input and getting bluetooth working was no problem since i had already implemented everything we needed to get it working. So without going into any more detail the first 2 rounds were kind of embarrassing since we left it input delay so everytime you send a input it would wait a second until it moved again. But then again when it was the race where we had to keep inside the lines we weren't last since you could move outside. Somehow we managed to win the beauty contest.

So here is our work of art


The tail which also influenced the name was a spinning spoon of pins.
link to gallery