Date a Live 2

Who can't be hyped about this!!!

okay epic music is back, kotori <3 and whoa am i hyped. Same people are doing the opening which is awesome to know, all i can really say is this harem needs a bigger house xD not existed for origami or kurumi, sorry i just don't like them D:

Its kind of sad but i'm really looking forward to these new characters even though everything about there character design is really questionable but well your looking into date a live here, its safe but then again its not.

So these are the two i'm really looking forward finding out about. see what i mean about there character design.

yamai yuzuru

yamai yuzuru

yamai kaguya

We don't have many hints to what there like but i guess we can tell that they don't act alike.

maybe this is another wee hint?

Just because hype


Don't scroll down