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Ano Natsu de Matteru Announcement


JCSTAFF has announced the staff for a possible new season, OVA, etc. As far as that there is no other information. Me personally i am speachless, ano natsu de matteru is one of my all time favorite movies, still can't believe i've got the uk DVD copy and its still sealed, Heres hoping theres not a poster or something epic inside then i might ahve to buy another copy. But it looks like the open and ending will be done by the same people which is awesome. [spoiler alert] heres hoping that ichika comes back. Also we will get more remon in our lives.

(Source: http://akiba-souken.com/article/anime/19585/)

And some photos

Can't forget about remon-senpai <3

Story tiam: yes this is remon, the remon who i've named myself from online. remon translates to lemon so sometimes i also go by lemon.