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Selector Infected WIXOSS Ep1 Impressions

Yu-gi-oh for girls?

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Spoilers warning

Ruuko Kominato
Our main character Ruuko Kominato for unknown reasons has moved to a new school, whilst living with her grandmother she has started the new school and yet to have made any friends, this having made her grandmother worried. Ruuko's brother attempted to help push her into gaining friends by giving her a set of the WIXOSS cards, but once she got home one of the cards started making noises. So in short there selected players (assuming only females are chosen) that are chosen to become Selectors, the goal of the selectors is to win battles and after a certain about of battles there LRIG will grant there wishes? (don't quote me on that). All selectors have 3 lives or after 3 loses there LRIG's disappear, and considering the feeling of the show it is unclear what happens to the player herself.

So we are introduced to some of the characters the main being Ruuko, her brother and grandmother. But during the first episode she seems to have possibly made a friend hoping that she wasnt just hanging out with ruuko to gain a free win.

Yuzuki Kurebayashi

Voice actor: Ayane Sakura

Ruuko's first friend

The other character we were introduced to was Yuzuki's twin brother Kazuki who is aware of his sister being a selector though he cannot hear to be part of it.

The show itself feels very dark and very gameish. When watching the trailer i was expecting it was going to be a game where they were forced to kill each other or something. But there is still a hostile feeling even in the first episode, some horrorish expressions of the "other" world. But with not much of the selectors world having been explained its very much left open for us to come up with scenarios.

The animation quality of the show is very interest with the normal 3d animation usage for quick shots of trains, etc. The music of the show is very nice fitting to the scenes very nicely. But overall the animation quality is very much the usual JCStaff that we all enjoy, so not complaints at all.

Ruuko's LRIG Tama

But my impression on the show is somewhat hazy since I'm horrible with doing first impressions in fact this is probably my first every proper one as I'm trying to bring more life into my blog. But I think I will enjoy this, it will become very dark and well scary but the trailer kind of shown us that already, so I shouldn't need to expect it. Overall I did enjoy the first episode and as of episode 1 I will be continuing.

Screenshot time

Selector Infected WIXOSS

Opening sequence of first episode, possible foreshadow.

Selector Infected WIXOSS

Tama is very much excited to battle

Selector Infected WIXOSS

This really did make me think of Yu-gi-oh

Selector Infected WIXOSS

I'm quite liking Ruuko's character design.