/ update

Another tiny theme update

Its not like i'm ignoring completing the theme for the blog or anything, i've been busy studying and enjoying all this new anime. But today i thought i should work a bit on it as you may notice.

Mainly the changes are:

  • Footer is in its right place
  • Header now has background image and is better (not complete)
  • Pagination now has a background colour instead of being just text.
  • Some code side reduction and fixing
  • Frontpage text limit has been increased to 140 (yes twitter) so that there is more content to the frontpage

I am 2 updates behind on ghost and i might be upgrading soon, not sure if its worth it until a big update happens but i should really.

Another update is that i have a new domain pointing this blog.


There is no real meaning to why i got another domain other than its shorter and better than remonkurisu.com but google is still listing remonkurisu.com on the second page with the first page listing sites showing information about my site... it will become more difficult to try and get onto the first page with eneblue.com since there is already alot of results under that search but heres hoping for a better domain since its shorter and easier to rememeber?

I will be purchasing a .moe and .blog when they become available and most likely will be remon.moe and remon.blog since i'm really bad with coming up with names.

I'm not sure what i want to do with the theme since its not like people will want to use it and will only really be used by me so the code is rough and not really readable. i'm not sure if i should push it up a bar and aim to build a theme which other people will want to use. but i guess with studying towards the exams right now i can't really do that.

Off topic

I've been thinking and i really think its time that i get a desktop instead of a new laptop. I really need to get a development machine, basically a powerful computer that i can use. The laptop i'm using the fine for doing day to day entertainment but when it comes to hardcore development and testing it shows and becomes slow. I guess i need something to process tasks fast and just be able to do things much faster. I'm really not looking at a computer that will play games, of course i will make sure it has a decent graphics card in it but my aim will be towards the CPU and memory. Not really going to be cheap since i will need to get a monitor aswell and i need to make sure its fullHD. But yeah thats my main after the exams and towards the start of the new uni year.