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Got exam results today

So i just had my shower and sat down at the computer catching up with news, where to the corner of my eye i noticed that it was a facebook message. At first i choose to ignore it but then i noticed it was a group message, so i went onto facebook and saw the words "Exams results are up". I panicked thinking to myself well this is probably a troll, so i went onto the site where we can check our grades and yes they were up. Every click i pressed prior to that was horrible, slow heavy. But yeah i got my results and it came to a shock, cause at first i was expecting to have failed one of them due to what is going on with my family right now, but no i have managed to pass all the exams which is awesome. So with the amount of knowledge i have i guess thats me now onto 3rd year as a computing student where i will be working harder than ever to leave the uni with the best grades i can possibly get.

With the expection of 1 module i achieved high grades, the one module i didn't do too well was mainly due to panicking way too much over everything and not really looking over things, being too scared to answer questions and submitting it too early. But hey i still passed but i guess the fact that i was achieving high assignment results helped passed that module.