/ update

After alot of trouble... welcome back remon.co.uk and welcome remon.uk

After giving it some thought and reflecting on the lower visits being made to my blog, i realised that most traffic from coming from remon.co.uk so looking into domains i noticed that .uk was now available, so i was pretty excited about that and ordered it straight away. Just to then get an email saying that my order was rejected because i was not the owner of remon.co.uk

I kind of already knew i didn't own remon.co.uk cause i let it expire and wasn't really up for paying £46 to get it back but after talking to the domain support i looked into it again and since it fully expired it cost the normal prize so i went ahead and renewed that domain and we got the .uk domain working aswell. So i now this site is accessable via 3 domains and heres to hoping that from now on i will continue to use remon.co.uk as my base, main domain.

Talking about domains my main website and projects can be located at eneblue.com. Another domain i own that i should honestly try and connect. But everything game wise i use that domain aswell. So in a sense eneblue is my project/game server domain whilst everything else is used for my blog.

Since i kinda want my web project stuff to be more easily accessed i might look into using web.remon.co.uk/ web.remon.uk as being another portal to get to that content.

I also need to think about how i am managing this blog if i will continue to use it as a overview everything, or separate it into multiple blogs.
Honestly i feel that all in one is the way to go.

Blog wise i don't have anything lined up in a way, i really need to get into a sense of wanting to write a blog post about anything whenever i want. And with anime watching going slowly isn't really helping but i think i need to try to get more content going and maybe i will be able to rank up my site in the google results.

In any case thats pretty much everything i've got to say since i went through that hell to get virtual hosts working with nginx and having all domains working along with content being displayed on other sites being shown as normal, so everything is back in order i hope and that i don't need to do any of that anytime soon.