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Blog theme update

So i started it over again, using the casper theme html as a base with some alterations i have tried to make the site less image heavy and just quickier and snappier. though it just looks like casper to be honest. Its still a start and its more presentable than what i had before with less stress on the image/video appeal. Now its all about the content and being readable to the user. At the moment it has only been optimised for the desktop/laptop and will be looking into making it more response with smaller devices, so that anyone who goes on the site can read the content easily no matter what device they are on. I am more pleased with the new layout since it relies more on ghost than my common hackery and doing things manually.

I have also included pace.js which is a nice js script for generally letting the user now more clearly how much of the site as downloaded. it just creates a better experance for the user and seems alot more dynamic than a page which just appears.

But as always i am still working on it and things will just get better and better.