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Terror in Tokyo PV

This is one of the animes i am most hyped for this coming season and i can't wait to be able to watch it. Heres hoping that crunchyroll is streaming it for UK. Basically as i'm writing this i'm watching the pv again, over and over again. The animation is amazing, the OST espically is awesome. The music choice is amazing and fits perfect i seriously can't wait, TOO MUCH HYPE. Knowing the previous work of the animation studio i know that the animation will be top notch, the whole concept seems amazing. I have made a post before when the first PV was shown, this was when i was going over all the PV's for the current/previous season. But know i know a little more.

The story is based around two highschool? boys who take part in terrorist acts and the female characters gets caught up in it all. Basically thats all i know of it now and i kind of want to keep it to a minimum. less spoilers.