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Ahhh getting nervous

So I managed to convince myself to apply to be the president of the anime society at my uni and I seem to have won but but with 8 days to the dead line and the other roles still need to be taken. I'm starting to get worried. I know for a fact that my mate is willing to take a role but I think he is waiting to see if others will take it, which is far enough. But the main worry I have is that if no one goes for the roles then that's the society over and can't continue.

I'm really hoping that it doesn't happen but this is my chance to really improve myself and take part in something I love and to be top person in society to be able to express and help others share our compassion for anime. I just really hope I get the chance to do this. I really want to do this. I really want to change who I am, help become a leader and be able to be more social by being part of the world Ive loved so much.

I just really really hope that I get that chance and get to do the things I've always wished to do.

My plan is to make the society weekly and every week we will watch two animes and one anime to choose on the day. If we become an official society we can get funding and actually do events and outings.

I'm way too excited to be this role and again I really hope I get to.