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So i guess its happening

After all that worry i contacted the president on facebook and pretty much if no one takes on the roles then we fall back on me running the society independently. Which is pretty cool but that doesn't mean i'm going to be president yet, but its been pretty much set since i've been asked to write an ad for the society and i think to create a new email. But if this is all true and i've just worried too much about it, this is me now president when it gets changed over to me and i will have full power of what happens.

The Ad

Well i'm still not finished, i don't know if i will ever be able to write one. Its so difficult i'm pretty much just going to have a qoute from an anime which pretty much everyone knows and

hey do you like anime? well join us

something along those lines but its really tough. I'm going to have to really think over everything aswell cause basically if i want this to be a good society i need to keep to the rules so that means not doing what the current president is doing. I'm going to have to buy anime and use them since i think thats allowed and crunchyroll. But i guess i need to look it over. But i know i will have to book the rooms and straight on that point i am making it weekly, theres no stopping me on that. But i'm excited to do this. If i look into if i can do a showing with licencing things and all that i guess i could run a monthly movie screening outwith the usual society days. But this is what i need to think over when i've actually gotten the role.

But for now i'll just wait and prepare, get this ad written to perfection and if i get the role i can aim to be the best president the uni has ever seen.