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Theme update again


So I came to realise that the header takes up way too much room and its very much a mobile only feel. The theme layout i've been going by is a one size fits all but i've changed that so desktop users can feel alot more at home. So the changes:

  • More responsive
    • Header now to the left more desktop users and to the top for tablet, mobile or low res users.
  • Animation: This is the biggest change i have done since i've last worked on the theme. To make the blog feel more interactive and homely. I've introduced animations.
    • Homepage: slides up 20px. Feels like the content is revealing.
    • Posts: slides down 20px. Feels like its saying here your content (a printer).
    • Tags: Slides from the left. Like someone is sliding a paper to you with information you require.

To get the animation working with the responsive design was a challenge but i've managed to achieve what i've wanted and i'm very happy with it.

The next areas i will be focusing on is the images. What i want to achieve is to have any type of image size to be displayed nicely without being too large. Text is another area i want to focus on and the general layout of posts and such.