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I created a society twitter

To be honest we don't even need one, come on we have a group of 40~ people on our facebook group and not alot of them are active, since i'm assuming most of them are close mates doing the same course its not one of the biggest societies i have met, though to be fair i've only been part of 2 other societies. But with thinking over how i could improve the society i thought we need to be more active on a social level and well a private facebook page with every post being notified to every member of that group everytime a post is made may encourage people to leave the group, so Twitter seems like a great platform for this.

Now i'm already a very active twitter user, i've been using it for years and i seriously can't think when i started my mind just goes back to 2009 but that account is long gone and i have no proof to back me up. But the idea of having a twitter that is important and i know in time people will go to it and maybe will become a central for large discussion, i've created this twitter. Since i don't want the society linking to this post for my own personal reasons i'm not naming said society or usernames. But with having 3 followers already (sorry let me correct 1 member following) its a alright start. I'm fully aware that not alot of people use twitter and i can't really make people use it just because you'll get more information or such. So i had to pressure its not a replacement for facebook and all important updates will go there so the twitter will be that plus everything else.

But honestly its a great thing to have, in my view that is. I use twitter alot so whilst reading my timeline to get information that was from the society seems amazing.

So the reasons why i choose to use twitter for spam updates and stuff

  • Its easy to post
  • I can post society updates
  • I can retweet major anime companies annoucing stuff
  • We have a way of communicating without relying on facebook and spamming each other with Facebook notifications.
  • Its a way other people getting in contact with the society and just opens the society to so any wonderful things

So yeah

i've basically just made a Twitter for a small society which they may or may not read or even use. But its a start and if somehow we become a larger society it may prove way more useful, so it's a start to something awesome.

Cans i haz Twitter username?

If you actually know me and want it for any reason this post actually gets accessed by people who are part of the society that i'm keeping the identity secret of.

Contact said secret societies email or ask said secret society persons

I honestly don't know where i headed with this and think i've covered everything to this is the end of the post.

Peace peace