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I love you Twitter <3

As some may already be fully aware of or just now noticing. I am have a problem...

I Love Twitter!

I'm an active user of Twitter of years going back to around 2009 i think, but it was pretty early days. Back them it was really not much and it didn't excite me too much but i remember getting my first smart phone; The Nokia 5800. This phone was my first attachment to twitter, i installed an app after getting way too fed up of the offical app and if i recall tweeting way too much that i invested into a second battery so that i could keep going when the battery died. That was back in highschool and i would tweet everywhere and about everything

"yay lunch time"

"break time"

I reallyt tweeted some useless things but i was always using it, then when i started college i stopped for about a year, i don't know what stopped me but it wasn't until a few months before going to University i started using it heavily and i honestly remmeber tweeting way too much about Date A live and i havent stopped now.

Then i realized

After realizing i used twitter as a way of expressing what i'm thinking and most of the time that was about the anime i was watching or about what i'm coding and how i really hated C++. Twitter become my sidekick, someone who would listen to everything i said and would never stop listening. Its great having that in your pocket but like most of the Twitter users you have or actually yeah most users, they use it for getting information and contacting (replying) to others socialising really about everything. I've yet to actually get into full conversations with people over twitter even after all these years. And it isn't until now that i'm following more people and replying to them, i'm starting to get myself known but still use twitter in the way i always do.

I guess we all have our own wee things that we do on my own which we don't really have others knowing about but hey tweeting is public posts so its not like your saying things that you don't want people knowing. Its a micro blog everything is recorded and its great.

So thats why i just love twitter theres not much to it and you have it running in the background, where you can throw thoughts and debate with yourself on it. Twitter is a great place to keep yourself sane.

Twitter now compared to how it was when i started

So today Twitter is everywhere, almost every TV show now integrates it directly into there show, so people can discuss the topics with others, interact with the show and so much more. Talking about it being used everywhere major events use hashtags and generally everything encourages the user of twitter since its a way of interacting with people or customers. And to much advantages posts are 140 characters so things are short and easy to read. But Twitter back was all people, there was no groups and it was a micro blog, you wouldn't hear it on the news or even see signs in the street saying follow us. The only real place you would see it being used was online with news sites, blogs, youtube, etc. It was a way of people communicating with there fanbase and its grew and grew from that to how it is today.

So basically

I would highly suggest anyone to have a twitter account even if they don't use it much, even if all they will do is follow news and read there timeline. Twitter is pretty much an unfiltered reddit which allows you to always read the most recent, bleeding edge updates. But can also serve as a thought platform, providing that your not brain storming a new idea for a product, best keep that stuff secret. But the twitter community is great, its so integrated into everything we do now, i don't see a reason to why someone shouldnt use it.

Going to end the post here cause its turning into a fail whale and i'm rambling on.

Oh you looked at the bottom heres some twitter advice (for newbs)

Use the tweetdeck app for chrome (even if you use firefox) make sure to run it as a windowed app aswell.
So tweetdeck is just an app with lets you use twitter but in real-time, so new posts just appear and you can post without refreshes. But say its E3 and you want to read tweets under the assign #hashtag, you can create a column which tracks it. Great huh