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Why am i using Ghost

Because markdown
Don't know what markdown is? google it.

Basically i've always wanted to run a blog and i tried wordpress in the past but i always felt it was too much, there was so much i can do but the learning experiance of being able to theme it was a bit too much at the time. But i was introduced to a blogging platform called posthaven, the idea was amazing, give them your content in what ever format and it will post, but everything was basic, you had to pay monthly and you had very little control over formatting and such. (May have changed now if they updated it) But the real cash taker was the always there, providing you used it for a year your content would be saved forever. Great idea huh yeah it was but everything was basic. But after 2 months of using it i discovered ghost, now this was way past the whole kickstarter thing and it was one of the early releases but i thought hey this actually looks neat.

So we go back to the whole reason why many of us use ghost. Its a blogging platform for blogging and only for blogging. Markdown allows us to write anything and it will format into the correct html and all this formatting is happening whilst your typing. But realisticly yeah theres some level of having to learn how to format but once you learn that everything falls in place.

Also coding your themes were never so easy, everything falls into place really nicely and there no real complex structure you have to stick by your pretty much free to do anything.

Now for new users everyone will say use a hoster, unless you really want to self host thats the best way to go. I myself self host because it seemed really interesting, and thus my linux addiction has started, so as you may already know about 90% of servers are linux based and if your wanting a server or vps cheap your looking at linux. So me starting using ghost was a long and painful session of learning how to use linux.

I did however have previous experiance with linux but that was with Ubuntu and using the GUI so only being able to use the terminal was new. But hey this isn't about ghost but for new users of ghost looking to self host this install experance for now is difficult but really it just relies on you install NodeJs.

But ghost was the solution i needed and felt so nicely to use. I'm already hosting soo much content and i know since ghost isn't so poplular that my content is probably being viewed by actual readers and not bots searching for wordpress sites.

So is ghost for me?

If your a programmer then YES

But for designers wordpress is still the way to go.