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Google Now Launcher for 4.1+

Okay if you've known me, i've always hated that HTC dropped support over my phone just because the other version of it had a CPU which was no longer support. So we were stranded on 4.1.1 where we were promised 4.2. Anyway when the Google Now Launcher was first released it was strictly for the Nexus 5 but with the APK you could install it on other devices but not all. A while after that they released the launcher on the play store, but with reports of it only supporting 4.2 onwards.

During this time i've been using the Nova launcher and been loving it since its got really low usage compared to the sense launcher. But when Android 4.4 came out they removed all the root functions and an update for my phone which fixed the heartbleed was patched (This was something no one thought we would get). However due to this update i've lost my root and still have the superuser app on my phone so everything is buggered.

So today or last night, they updated the Google Now Launcher to support 4.1 android user which is awesome i've just installed it and everything is working just as it was on the tablet. Being used to Nova launcher on the smaller screen the app drawer feels a bit cluttered for me but i guess i'm just going to have to get used to it.

Its a bit of a shame that they couldnt get the navigation style working but hey thats a 4.4 thing. But as you can see in the image things it works, google now responds to me saying:

Ok, Google

And i can swipe to the left to get my google now cards which is sweet things i like to check them often. Infact when i updated a post on here i got a card saying i updated, pretty sweet.

Note: Wallpaper is temp until i find something i like, i'm way too fussy about my wallpapers and can never seem to find a perfect one..