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Physical Books or eBooks?

"Why don't you buy paper books? E-books lack character." - Psycho pass

Okay so i'm not the biggest reader ever. Well actually i don't read at all, well unless your one of the minority which counts manga and online articles as reading. But hey doesn't mean i have my own answer to if i prefer to read physical books or ebooks.

So which is it? For me its e-Books all the way. I really hate books, maybe its just the fact i don't have room on the desk or i hate having to hold something with two hands.

So why e-books?

  • You have your whole library in your tablet
  • You can buy books instantly
  • Who needs light
  • Is your hand getting tired from holding a book, well my tablet weighs alot less.
  • Want to find more information about a word or passage, oh i can google straight from it.


At the very moment manga is very difficult to get your hands on legally on tablets, the main choice is Crunchyroll which is great but maybe on the slow side. But with manga nothing beats the paper. The Manga artists art shows alot better through paper than screen.

So there it is my view on the two distributions of books.