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I'm changing my blog about a little...

So i honestly want to be able to have 1 blog for me blogging about anything and university stuff. So as i had originally attended and will now try and go back to is to make this my own person hey i'm remon and this is my work instead of hey i'm remon and this is my blog.

So the idea is pretty simple, I'm not just going to be talking about anime, as like the previous posts i'm going to try and post about more personal topics, or things i posted when i first started of. However to keep me in a state that i want to keep blogging i will be talking about anime here aswell. I don't want to seperate things.

In the meantime i am going to be working on the theme tomorrow, cleaning things up and adding better support and generally improving the whole site.

I want to be able to say as a developer, this is my blog, you can find out information about my work here aswell as things i may blog about. I've come to think about this after seeing some of my High school mates and class mates having there own domains which use there names. And since i have a thing with well using remon as the online identity for myself, i want to be able to use this domain for everything. The only real thing i worry about is since i do like to post alot about anime i worry that things might get odd and strange. I don't want to separate them into 2 blogs because thats now me having to maintain 2 blogs and i don't like that idea.

My idea is to setup 2 sub domains:

  • me.remon.(uk/co.uk)
  • anime.remon.(uk/co.uk)

Each subdomain will show results that use the tag me or anime. This way i feel that there is a way of separating content but i might not even have to go that far if i implement a menu which does so.

But as a way of reducing the amount of anime i post, when it comes to PV's and such i will group them together so i don't just post one after the other. Excluding if theres news i will go indepth on but this way i can atleast reduce the post rate and allowing for others posts to be easily seen.

I'm still thinking all this over and i might not even stick to it but i want to be in a mindset that i can give someone remon.co.uk/uk and not have to worry about them seeing all this content about anime.

Actually after reading this a menu is the only thing i actually really need. A menu would allow me to set categories such as:

  • Programming
  • University
  • Personal
  • Anime

This way posts can be filtered down to what people want to read. I'm liking this idea. In response to help clean the site up with all the anime it has i will be removing the background image from the side/top bar, instead there will be my avatar, this way things won't get overwhelmed and maybe actually this is a good idea....

So you enter a post and it contains the tag anime, the banner will have an anime background and so on for each main topic. This way the site is a bit more interesting design wise.

The design plan for tomorrow

I want the site to feel more dynamic:

  • Reduce animation effect (less obvious)
  • Somehow move from one page to another without the whole page going white??? so only the content (not the banner) changes.. will need to look into that
  • Static pages really important to fix
  • The navigation bar (going to be tricky)
  • Make the search results look like results

Though my first task will be

  • Clean the code!!!
  • Use js to assign accent colour (theme colour), background colour, basically anything that someone would want to change.
  • Make site loading faster (banner image removal should help...)
  • The read more about post should only appear if it is needed, also (if possible) show if there is any comments.

Something to look into (for fun)

  • A script which shows the most used tags.

But in the meantime i need to look at other ghost themes and see what i'm missing.