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Another huge theme change

So with the release of 0.5 i had the choice of using the new casper theme or updating my own. After trying out the new casper theme i wasn't too sure about the full cover image, so for quite a while I have been altering my own theme to add it the new features that are now included in the new update aswell as bringing in some features from the new casper theme. Mainly being the navigation buttions at the top which i really liked. But i realised that my theme was not very device friendly so i have added 2 new layouts to help with that:

Please note these are not offical names for them rather its what fits my devices.

  • Desktop: The normal full screen experiance
  • Tablet landscape: The almost desktop experiance but with a thinner profile bar.
  • Tablet: Following the mobile/small layout with the profile bar being at the top with larger padding to the sides to allow for smaller tablets where the basels might be small.
  • Mobile/small: Profile bar is at the top with small padding and all media and images viewing to full width

These layouts allow for more devices to be able to view the content to how i wish it to. The only issues i have right now is the way i'm working the desktop views since the profile bar is basicly hovering.

For now the theme is working to how i want it to and even nicer than before.

The only thing i will be looking into is adding a blur effect to the background image when the layout is smaller.