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The ending: Rail Wars!

Following the previous post about Rail Wars, I guess you could say this is one of the shows this season that i'm really enjoying. And its hard to describe it because it just is really a great series. I'm already aware is not exactly one of the most poplular shows of the season because of its well fan service but ignoring that the story, the animation quality is really top notch.

There really isn't anything going bad for it. I think its because i seem to enjoy series that follow a what you would expect to be boring jobs and it gives it a different light even if its just fiction. It doesn't change the fact i really am enjoying this show.

The ending that they have given us is really really nice, the song the amazing, the animation to go with it really fits the music and generally is a nice ending. The difficulty is, is that the opening is also really amazing but i really like the ending since it gives the end of the episode someone to be excited for.