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I now use 2 ghost blogs

So I gave it some serious thought and I really want to regain the days when I first started blogging like this. So from today onwards I now have a second ghost blog running on the root url remon.uk and this blog now runs on blog.remon.uk.


So I was looking at some professionals who have there own blogs and I found out that comparing them to mine was like comparing coding horror to tumblr. So I am now taking a more serious approach and publishing articles on the main blog whilst keeping this blog as being my personal blog where i can talk about anything.

The idea was that if I was asked about my details or things I have done i can just say

Oh just go to remon.uk

So when they go onto the site its boom, heres contact information, projects, etc. And scrolling down you will be able to read articles i have written which can range from tutorial or explaining concepts so pretty much anything on the professional level which seems to dissappear when i did them here.

The idea that i like to keep in mind that is the "frontpage" is not a blog more of a frontpage of my content and creations and my personal blog is everything else that isn't important.

I am not leaving this blog well mainly cause this will remain the most active one. But i'm hoping this approach will allow me to be more open and seem alot more professional.