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....another yet another theme update

So I got annoyed at having to maintain multiple layouts. So I moved things to be more consistant, now you get the same feel on any device hopefully. Made making the site even more resposive easier aswell since there less chance between them. Well saying that if you have the full size version its completely different but gives the same sense of style and interaction. But hopefully that makes it better.

Also removed fancy buttons, since it makes any link turn into a massive button and now things look much clearer.

I still feel that the layout i've done feels more fluid for touch devices. oh well guess its something might happen the next time it evolves.

Things i really want to do is make things more dynamic, make use of JS and the tools ghost gives us to create something awesome. Well I guess i need to wait for the api to come out then I will be able to do lots of interesting stuff.

I might make another style of layout for my homepage blog, so that you have a sidebar with post headlines from this blog and many other stuff.