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I've changed.... also not a review

So I've always had a think with reading, I hate it, I can never get attached to a story. I could only really read manga because I was able to grasp the story and really get into it. It has always been an issue for me. Until now.... well I have read some books for uni but as of sunday 21st September 2014, I have read my first novel in about 8 years.

So what made me read a book after all this time?

I honestly don't know, one day I was looking around the Play store and I saw that a book was recently released, so out of boredom I thought I would read into it.

The book was called: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

Now this could just be my fascination in Japanese culture or the interest of the story since each person was representing a colour. So I ended up buying the ebook since I thought hey why not its not too expensive and it sounds pretty cool. At first I was only reading parts because I tend to find it difficult to read in noisy rooms where the tv is on or people are talking loudly. But once I got back to Dundee I found myself reading more and more of it, when I came to realise that this book was amazing. I really enjoyed how Murakami described everything and how everything really required you to think about things. Everything was descritive and didnt fail to describe something simply which I really loved. Now I won't be talking about the story or what happens because its a book I really would recommend people to read. But as most Japanese things go don't expect it to be normal, there are some parts which really refects the culture.

But overall I loved the story, though left confused at the end really wanting to know what Sara was going to say, I still really enjoyed the story. I am now currently reading one of his other works called Norwegian Wood.
In fact I loved the story so much I bought the hardback copy aswell.

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