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Fall anime first episode impressions

The number 1 top thing I can really say about this season is wow, they have really put effort into the animation. This of course is hoping that it isn't the usual hey lets spent the most budget on the first episode. But alot of the animes this season really look awesome.

Fate is one of those series, with the almost movie like quality animation, and battle scenes that really made you feel like you where there. It is showing to be one of the best animated series of this season.

Another anime that was getting alot of hype was Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de as it is being animated by Trigger. Though as we may of falsely thought it is nothing like Kill la kill and that doesn't put it in the wrong, trigger still uses there style of animation and has really put in a good job into animation and betraying ideas.

Though one thing I am really hyped to see is the battle scenes after seeing the tiny clip of what we could expect.

Another show which really showed a difference in animation quality was Amagi Brilliant Park. Those who watched Free! will recognise the animation style and similarities.

But overall this season where there isn't actually many shows worth watching, the shows that are worth watching are really top notch and Heres to hoping that it wasn't just day 1 extra budget assoication to make it more awesome.