/ laptop update

So i've had this new laptop for nearly 2 months now...

And I would never go back, this is the best purchase I have made yet, though in all honestly I really should have gotten a mac book but i was atleast a grand and a half away from it so I got a laptop with very similar specs.

So the main differences from my last laptop:

  • 15 inch (smaller but not even noticable)
  • 1080p screen (everything looks so sharp)
  • i7 quad (gasp)
  • lit up keyboard
  • An actual graphics card.

So thats the good points theres not much really to say since overall the performance is still taking my breath away, the power of the i7 processor is really good and programming is alot more snappier.

So to that point the bad points:

The keyboard

Okay so its not actually that bad but I'm still not used to it, there is fle to the keyboard which can be noticable and I've still yet to get completely used to the keybord feel. Compared to my other laptop which was louder and more solid, this keyboard is alot softer you feel like the plastic is bending a bit even though its not.

The screen

1080p is great but not really for 15inch laptops, like they did give it to you with the scaling set to the size it should be but things were just not right, so one of the main things of getting used to was the fact things are a big smalller, but you do get alot more screen room and thats what makes up for it. So the main problem with the screen is not that its a touchscreen but the fact the glass that is being used has no treatment or glare protection, though it only really gets affected with direct sunlight it tend to avoid being near the window. Lets just not talk about finger prints and smudges, atleast there not visable and can be easily cleaned.

Plastic lid

The one thing I really hate about this laptop, except the keyboard flex, the plastic lid. It is solidly build and there is something there along with the glass and plasic, but the plasic makes it feel really cheap and to make things worse there is flex, so you when you press lightly in the center the plastic bends. So you worry.


Those things really cannot put down the fact that this laptop is really solidly made with performance that I could only dream of getting with a desktop along with having a battery which lasts 3-4 hours even with programming and watching videos. and to top that off the fan is quiet and when its not it isn't for long as it can actually cool the system out.