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Exams, hearthstone and christmas

So exams are happening....

Though with the first one finished, I'm more at ease about it all, that exam though in the end went well, was complete hell to revise for. There was way too much that needed to revise, I really should have started earlier for that....

But any I'm less worried about the other two since looking at the past exams for those don't look as scary. But one thing I really need to do is to plan better, plan my time, plan when I study and when I take rests. Cause as some may know today is the release of GVG for Hearthstone.

Which I am really excited about cause I love Hearthstone but I've rarely been able to play it at all this term, which is because I focused way more on my assignments than anything else which is where I have gone wrong. But saying that I'm revising right now so when it is released hopefully the servers are still up and I will be able to open some packs.

Another thing

Its christmas soon!!!!

So I kinda failed already at christmas, with exams leading basically to the front door of christmas, I've ordered some random things on Amazon. And I really fear for whats in my wallet. I've already bought a duff book because I didn't look into it and ordered things in a way that we expected something everyday in the post for a week... oops

But another thing I'm noticing is the lack of using my blog, which is probably cause I'm too busy and I kinda hate it cause I want to write stuff even though I can't write.. But I guess after the exams I will look into things I could write about cause I want to learn how to make an Android app.

But hey since I am currently studying I will end this here