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Lets talk Winter anime 2015

So with the fall season coming to a close we now look towards what we will be seeing after the new year.

Following this site for the new anime http://www.animeph.com/winter-2015-new-anime-season-preview-list

So instead of going over every anime that has been announced with each trailer, heres my list of animes I'm looking forward too. Please note that the following list is made using animes with trailers on 20th December and available to view in the UK.



Well theres not much to really talk about that one, not sure what to expect from it but I'm hyped for it!

Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus

This is one I'm really hyped about, mainly due to my love for mechs and the art style from majestic prince is here.

The Rolling Girls

First, this art style... some what feels inspired of Trigger, very random, colourful and seems like its going to be a good show.

New seasons

Really lucky this season to be getting new series for some of the shows I've really enjoyed this year:

  • Tokyo Ghoul A
  • Aldnoah.Zero

Saying that there is anime this season that I've not included that seem like they will be good, heres hoping that more PV's get released.