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I made an app - LitTorch

Okay first off, this isn't some massive amazing app, it is a very basic simple Android app but something that is really useful to have on phones if there isn't something there for you.

So what did I made? A torch app. Yes theres tonnes of those in the app store so why did I make my own. The reason is that they all contain fancy graphics and ads, and because of that slowing it down by the time the app loads you probably don't need the torch. So I've created LitTorch.

LitTorch is a minimalistic torch app that doesn't contain any graphics or ads so that you get the functionality you need instantly. For more information about the app please go here http://github.stuartdouglas.me/litTorch/.

Why is it not on the play store?

Because I don't see the reason to pay $25 to put an app that took me 4 hours to make on it. I may in the future where I have an account or people are interested in it.

Where is the apk download?

By going on the link provided you can download a unsigned debug apk which will is the version that I've been using or you can download the project and build it yourself. I have done this as I feel with such a simple application why should I put restrictions on it.

Where will the app go after this?

No where, theres nothing I can really do to it to make it any better, though when my phone does get lollipop I will update it with material buttons and status bar.

Any questions please don't be afraid to email me at remonasebi@gmail.com with the subject [LitTorch].


Plaase note that this is an Android app