I Have a problem, I over-think, a lot... and I mean alot....

This game is going to kill me, I'm writting the document and i'm researching things more and understanding things alot better. Then I take a look at the time we have left and that I need to build a fully functional game that is ready for production.

Thats kinda scary, espically since I have very little programming skills in games development and I really don't know if everything I'm doing will be achievable, Though I do have to say the ideas I've thought of I have dumb'd down alot so that they are acheivable and still seem like it will be fun. But with the exams and this to do in a month a part of me thinks I might not be able to do this.

Espically when writing up the document and I'm staring at it thinking what the hell am I supposed to talk about, you gave us headers and you want us to be able to discuss all this... I guess we should have been prepared or atleast been given guidance on what we should be talking about in each section. I've learnt alot more from this course from reading online rather than the resources we were given. If we could have used the design that the recommended books told us, this assignment would be alot more acheivable.

But right now I'm concerned from the point I don't know if anything I'm talking about is achievable with my experiance and if I even have enough time to develop the game at all. We know for a fact there is no extentions on this and that is must be done for that date.

But anyway I should get back to doing this document.