/ unity

The game is complete!!

Okay so its been a week now since I've completed my game for the university course called Shiro Ruins. I've not really touched or looked at my game.

I've got to say having all those professionals look and play my game at the showcase made dedicating all that time to developing the game well worth it!

I'm exetremely pleased with the outcome of the game however I feel as if unity restricted the development of my game, maybe its just the limits on my scripting and knowledge as i was learning and developing at the same time. however I feel that I could have done alot better if I did develop the game using another engine or library.

However I created the game will all the features I wanted to do, I wasn't able to develop all the features like implementing a touchscreen mode (would have been really difficult) and increased use of variated sprite animations and states.

Heres hoping that what I developed will acheive me a good grade in marking.