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The effects of smart watches with me

Why havn't I worn a watch all my life.

Okay first off I have never worn a watch, the thought of using watches are pointless, it just tells you the time, you could just look at your watch. But then I discovered smart watches, it started with watching the Google IO revealing Android Wear, this is an amazing idea, have your notifications available from your wrist, this is awesome.

However at the time I was never sure about it, the moto 360 is huge, and not something I could easily afford at the time, then I got a trial of a friends slightly broken pebble watch, even though it was just for the night, I was really sucked into the world of smart watches.

So what did I discover?

  • It tells me the time
  • It tells me notifications

So when the Pebble Time released there kickstarter, I was on it right away, because the concern about smart watches are the battery life and well that fits that need.

Fast-forward to when I get the pebble time through the mail, I was amazed, it was smaller and thinner than I was expecting which is amazing, the screen though in some situations hard to read, is awesome!. It wasn't until 2 weeks after owning it I realised how much this has made an inpact in my life.

I've made a calender

Okay that's kind of a lie, I've always had a calender but that was only for university lectures, now I'm making full use of it, what time is that new episode of that anime out, when do I need to go out and do this. I'm planning my life. I've always been one for never being sure if I will be busy or not or if I have any plans so being able to do all these things without really thinking about it really helps.

I'm concerned about my fitness and sleeping patterns

So since it has a step counter I installed misfit, which lets me see how many steps I take every day and how much sleep I get. Now like most things, why do you need this? what does it even help with. Though I don't obsess over it and always ensure I'm fitting the recommended daily goals, having it tracking your sleep and how much you move really shows you over time just how fit or how much sleep you get, you get aware to it. I'm finding that I'm sleeping more since I found that there was certain days that I would get less sleep, mainly sunday night.

I know the time

The obvious one, and leads up to the point that really scared me when I realised, the whole idea about the watch is to tell the time, and with the right watch face, this is made possible and enjoyable. Hey remember that clock from a really old game? its probably already been cloned. Since getting Pebble Time I have found that I have been looking at the time more and not looking around for what time it is.

So we go to the main effect of using a smart watch

What phone?

This one was a shocker, I use my phone all the time, I always take it out and never leave my room without it, so what do I mean by what phone? well my phone is in my pocket, so whats the deal with that? Well lets say:

  • what time is it? looks at watch
  • I wonder what notification that is? looks at watch
  • I wonder what I have on later today? looks at watch
  • Who is calling me? looks at watch

What I found was, I spent alot less time on my phone, I'm not reaching out for my phone in my pocket to check a notification or to pause/play my music. The watch as taken these simple tasks away from it. Which is amazing!!! I can do things faster and get on with my life in public without reaching for my phone all the time. The time spent getting my phone is replaced with being able to do another things.

However the watch doesn't replace everything, and thats a good thing, it shouldn't replace the phone. But I've found my phone is actually on silent all the time, why do I need my phone to vibrate or blast out cheesy ringtones when my watch vibrates and I can see whats going on without reaching for my pocket.


Try it, if you have a friend with a old smart watch or able to get a borrow or one for the day, do it. People will always say its a gimic until they try it, once you see how it benefits you, it changes everything. I never knew I would wear a watch and here I am wearing it everyday and on top of that I'm more aware of my health, sleep and I use my phone a lot less often in public.