Whoa what a 3 week session that was

So I started uni 3 weeks ago, thinking its great to be back. However we were doomed from the start having been given our 3 week group industrial project. Now the project wasn't difficult, but the scope was massive. Basically we had to create a CMS solution to allow a company to do stuff.

The group I was with were good, they were hard workers and some were awesome to work with. The main issue was that I was the only one who really knew about the web developing to a point that we weren't reinventing the wheel. It turns out that our class consists of hardcore software develops who don't want to touch web and API development. Which really is a debate on its own. However due to this I was purely responsible for developing the client side in AngularJS (figures...), not complaining but since I had to handle everything lets just say I must have gone a bit insane. Week 2 weekend I went to MCM comic con and friends/group members pretty much telling me not to do anything.

The main issue was the backend, they were all working on it. Fast but what was produced was a ugly failing prone solution, some members did some really clean work and thought about it. Others well they copied and pasted and it shown... So ignoring the ugly JSON, success messages in form of errors and strings bring returned. We somehow managed to develop a working system which showed the potential of what I had envisioned. However I guess what I did wrong was make my group do this sort of solution, creating a separate back and front end. But what other choice did I have? get them to learn JS?

Actually onto debate, WTF is wrong with people.... like I agree front end web develop is boring, oh no html and css such pain. However this is angular, this is a MV* framework, it has more programming to it than anything else, and making use of a css framework takes all take negativity away. I guess its going to be a while until people realise that front end web development can be fun. It seems like alot of people prefer backend because its "logic" and "more important". Well there not wrong, but you can't develop a good backend without having done front end. I guess what my group did wrong was that did not do enough in the backend, that I was having to do way more tasks than I should have in the front end just to be able to operate most tasks. I really don't want to see json where I have to define [0] randomly just to read it.

So overall that was a really stressful 3 week session where I've come to learn that I really enjoy working separated from the group. Like its good to be with your group, but to be sitting next to them all the time is way too much. My issue being I was being asked about this and that every couple of minutes. This may have caused me not being able to produce the work I used to do. instead I've produced the most ugly angular code I've ever developed. I hate it. Get it off my github please.

I don't think learnt that much over the last 3 weeks but maybe think I should have stuck to one stack instead of inventing a new one. To force people to learn JS then I would have been able to fix everything on the fly.

BUT that one members, there is always one... They spend over a week developing register, something that should only take an hour or 2 and produced one of the most ugly controller logics, I've ever seen. Got that person to do client end aswell, even worse, defining every single select option manually.... in angular then using jquery in script tags to hide and show things.... This was beyond fixing, it required a complete rewrite, but it wasn't complete until near the end. there was no time to repair. it was horrible.

Note to self, always leave time to fix issues with bad programmers.

However with that all over we finalized everything and finished it off by going out for pints and a meal with mates, that was completely worth it, even though I had a cold. So as you could guess next day recovering from a cold with grandparents probably thinking I was hungover.

So whats next?

What is next, more hell.

Nah, I finally start my fourth year modules, which I think I might regret, I really don't know, there both going to provide really good experience, like graphics, that is something I have never done before, it looks interesting and I'm hoping this will help me in developing stronger development skills. The math is going to be something but I will be working hard to make sure I know what I need. Big Data is more because I know its still an on-going trend and I want to take it further, I hate databases in general so I want to solidify my knowledge further. It is better than the other modules but even they would have been good in other cases.

So between news modules, tomorrow I am also starting part time at work, same place as internship so we are staying on. I've got to say I'm slightly worried, kinda that we are going to be doing to same boring work, but we never really got to meet our team and seeing the current members, they seem to be not be experienced with angular development. What we got a preview of was a c# commented production class in form of JS.

But other than that the only concern I have is that they want us to work 16 hours a week and they said there not keen about us working from home, however we can only really space in one day where we can work in office, If I could drive this would not be an issue, but I guess I need to press to allow for 8 hours being able to work from home. Where they have already said that every 2nd day of week we need to be in person. we have been yet to be told when so if it conflicts with university we don't know yet.

But other than that this should be a very interesting set of weeks, I really hope I will not regret doing part time and that I can really put time aside to ensure that I don't fall behind and that I don't lose any social time or time to watch anime.

So I guess I should go sleep since I will be waking up early and this is always past 1100 words.....