Love Live! School Idol Movie

Okay, first off this was amazing, well worth spending the fortune it was to get a train there to see it.

The day started off with me waking up late (again), I got into town early (again), so I went and got an early lunch and thought hey I should try the Chopstix Noodle Bar, never again... I have never had such horrible noodles before.. I really should never have gone there. Went to Gregs to mask the taste with something, and got given a cold pizza brick... yeah a bad start.

So skipping to the cinema, I got my ticket, waited in line, got into the cinema and managed to bag me a good position, to only be ruined by a dudes head which covered parts of the subtitles. Skipping the organizers gringy speech about things we already know. Also confused by people came to watch the movie not having watched the series, this is the finale why are you here?

Anyway movie starts and things are cute (girls in cinema go awwwww [SHUT UP[) but the whole movie was amazing, parts mainly at the start felt rushed and they seemed to have skipped alot of content which would have been amazing, like the flight there. Another example was when there doing the show in New York, they just skip to the song, it would have been really awesome to have opened up into that. However many many cute scenes, Maki is a true wife, and Nico well I can let Maki cheat on me with her any day. Songs where really good, dancing was awesome, I really liked the fact that they didn't use CGI for all of the songs, it really shows effort. However they could have made the CGI walking people less obvious.

Overall the movie was amazing and I wish I could watch it again, I think the guy next to me was on the same emotional level, we were tearing, doing the same reactions and everything. Would have been awesome if we had talked but the organizers didn't really provide a situation for that. It was very much be there, watch it, go home. And by that they didn't have any goodies, which was a shame there is alot with Love Live that would have been ideal, but we were not given anything or a booth for buying stuff.

So yeah amazing time and I can't wait for case of Hana and Alice next week which seems to getting good reviews.

This is not a review, just thoughts and shizz

The bad parts

Well there was no bad parts to the movie, it was perfect. However there was the usual UK anime community which ruins it a bit, so your enjoying the movie and a feel scene appears, girls loudly go AWWW followed by some chatting, okay I can ignore that its normal it was a super cute theme. But it was the constant talking that was going on and loudly reacting to scenes which could have ruined the movie. That and some dude in front of me had to have his head just where the start of most subtitles appeared, hope the guy behind didn't think I was trying to lean in for something. However that was the main bad parts, the UK community not respecting and being the cringy loud reacting people we don't want to be known for.

The main reason why I avoid going to anime societies, there all the same and never show any good shows